NZ Super and Veteran’s Pension recipients and overseas travel

For those who receive NZ Super or the Veteran’s Pension, travelling overseas may have implications on these payments.

If you travel overseas for more than 26 weeks and are not residing in an overseas country, you will need to pay New Zealand tax on the payments receive, provided you receive one of the two payments without tax deducted prior to your travels.

To do this correctly and remain compliant under regulations stipulating by the Inland Revenue Department, you will need to file an Individual tax return (IR3) as you have received income that has not been taxed at source. This income will need to be included in the ‘overseas income’ box in the return. Certain circumstances may mean you will also need to make provisional tax payments.

If you receive NZ Super or the Veteran’s Pension and meet the conditions above, you can file online or request a paper copy of the IR3 if you don’t receive one by the end of May from the IRD.

Posted on 7 December '17 by , under super.